The challenges facing corporate occupiers are legion. In a world as unfamiliar to many businesses as corporate real estate, the prospect of ‘going it alone’ can be truly daunting – and not without reason.

Office relocation, disposals and rent review processes are typically highly complex transactions fraught with pitfalls, which could potentially prove extremely costly to the organisation concerned.

For any corporate occupier embarking on acquiring or disposing of a property or negotiating the renewal of a lease with a landlord or a rent review, there are numerous and varied questions, considerations and issues that need to be addressed.

To help corporate occupiers grasp the situation, MWRE has produced a brief, no-nonsense Guide to Independent Tenant Representation to assist them in making more informed decisions.

From the 10 key questions that confront the critical issues facing corporate occupiers to how you can de-risk your situation, together with real-world examples, we hope this brief Guide will be of interest to you.

Please download your priority copy of the Independent Guide to Independent Tenant Representation, with our compliments.